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(A-L) M-Z


Mad Dog Postcards

Madurah Dolphin Postcards - cute (from Australia)

Mag Enterprise

Mail Center Multimedia Postcard

Mail a Malady send someone an illness

Mail a Meal, send a virtual gourmet meal

Main Strike, all occasions and Holiday cards

Maine Exile Products, send a card from Maine

Major League Soccer Electronic Postcards

Make Me Happy, send a gift of flowers

Make a Postcard

Main Strike - Webcards

The Barry Manilow Post Office

Manyatta Postcards, from Nairobi, Kenya

Maritime Marionettes Virtual Postcards

Mark's Apology Note Generator

Market Net Postcards(Asian)

Maroc.Net - marrocan digital postcards (english/french)

Mars Attack

Marskandiser Holiday Cards

Mass Mailing Multi-Media Greeting Cards Center



Matrix Point

Max Racks

Meaning: the significance of something

Meca, Digital Postcards

MediaBridge Holiday Cards

Medieval Cyber-Postcards

Mediacity Postcards, Singapore celebrities

The Mediatative Cat's Purrfect Postcards

Megadeth Postcards

Mega Mall

MegaPoint's Digital Postcards

Mega-Site Mailroom

Message in a Bottle


Mexico Internet

Michigan Live E-cards - scenery

Micro Image's Free Multimedia Postcards - variety

Mighty Fortress BBS Postcards, medivial cards

Milka Lila

Military Spouse.Net - 12 images

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Online

Mint Webcards

MIT's postcard rack.

Moderata Ungdomsförbundet

MOIFA Branch Electric Post Office, Santa Fe, NM

Moonlight Postcard Gallery

Mortica's Finest, You have to see this to belive it.

Mother Earth Creations - Greeting cards for the soul.

Mount Vernon Image Gallery and Trading Cards


MrHugs Funtastic Postcards

MSO's Greeting Card Center

Much Ado About Cats

Multimedia Bulletin Board Postcard Service

Multimedia Greeting Cards

Multi Media Online

Multimedia Postcards

Multi Religion WebCards - really unique site

Musical Postcard at Italy1.Com - different categories (in english/italiano)

A Musical Web Card from InterStudio

My Future Postcards

My Greeting Cards - cute, (birthday, friends, love & holiday categories)

My Greeting Page

My Postcards for You

My Sentiments Digital Postcards

My Wee Postoffice

Myrtle Beach Live, Myrtle Beach, SC


Nanaimo Postoffice, Vancouver

National Association of Black Journalist, Digital Postcards

National Galleryof Photography and Poetry

Naughty N Nice Entertainment

Negatron Sour Greeting

Postcard from the Neigh....borhood

NetCard.Com - variety

Net Dreams' "Send a Postcard to a Friend"


NetGram, you need to register at this site.

Net Postcards - variety, with multimedia, sports, travel, airshow, bikini

NetShack Postkort

Netwalkers Electronic Postcards

New Asia - Singapore

New Brunswick Electronic Postcard, Click "Picture New Brunswick".

New York City E-Mail Postcards

Newport Postcards, digital

NewsWorks Postcards

New Zealand Photos and Postcards

nexus E-cards

Nick Studios 3D Postcard

Ninsun's Virtual Stress Relievers

Nooduitgang Free Postcard Service

Norton Flowers

Nostalgia Cards

NOTAM's Post Office

Nova Scotia Postcard Center

Nova Scotia Virtual Postcards

NPO Electronic Greeting Cards

NSTP Postcards

Nykin Postcards

NYU, Postcards from Around the World


OA Soft's Virtual Delivery Service

Oaklawn Postcards, If you like horseracing, you'll love this site.

O.A.R.S. Postcards

ObjectsFusion Cards

Ohio Postcards, Have one sent to you everyday from Ohio, different

Ohio Tourism Postcards, funny postcards

Old Montana Virtual West Postcards

Oliver News, Send a Maltese greeting card.

Online Greeting Cards

On Line Vacation Mall

Oliver's News, cute pictures of a Bichon

Omnicity Virtual Flowers

Oostende.Net Postcards

Oregon Business Directory - multimedia postcards

Orangetree Golf Resort

Ottawa, Canada, send a card

Ottawa Tourist, send a postcard

Outdoors Postcards, KSL.TV

Outpost Network Cardshop, You have to pay, but they will address it, sign it and mail it for you.

Oxytherapy Postcards


Pacific Coast

Pacific Internet PostOffice -few categories (birthday, general, chinese new year, thank you and best wishes)

Pacific Products Gallery, Electronic Greeting Cards

The Pad

Pagan Postcard

Partners Unlimited, Netherlands

A Passion for Parrots Digital Postcards - cute, pictures parrots

Palm Beach Postcards

Panda Postcards

The Park, Virtual gift shop.

Parenting on the Web

Parson's Card Shop

Passion Celion Dion Postcards

Passion and Postcards

PATHIT, Pathology Online, Digital Postcards

PBS Birthday Greetings

PC Greetings, all occasions

PC Today, Send a friend a card.

Peanuts Postcards, cartoon


Pendleton Cowgirl Company Postcard Express

Penguin - Hockey Postcards

Penny Lane Postcards, Beatles pictures and music.

Pension Altenberger Postcard

People's Tunnel of Love

Pergatory ll Electronic Postcards/Digital Postcards

Personal Sentiments

Pettit Enterprises Digital Postcards

PHI THETA KAPPA Postcards, Jackson, MS

Photo Design Group Postcards

Pier 21 Virtual Postcards

Piersite Virtual Postcards

Pig Me Up Greeting Cards, cute pictures of potbellied pigs.

Pinheads Postcards, flowers

Pittsburg GayNet Postcards

Pixelmotion Cards

Planet in a Bottle

PlanetWellness Virtual Greetings

Planet Girls, Perfect Landing

Planet Hollywood Postcards

Planet Internet, send a planagram

Planet Reebok Postcard Message Center

Planet Swoon, Send celestial aspects to a friend.

The Pocket Internet, This Pocket Page contains fun and useful email attachments..

Poetic License

Poetry in Motion, Real Audio Postcards

Polar Bear Postcards, click on polarbear of choice

The POLI-PK service, cartoons characters

Polish World

Politically Incorrect Fun Cards


Poozleanimus Multimedia Postcards - many occassions

Porsche Postcards

Post A Card

A Postcard Page

Postcard Today

Post MacNexus Card

Post@ Photo

Postales Virtuales Latino

Postales desde Serconet EN ESPAÑOL

The Postcard Shop

The Postcard Shop (Arabic)

Postcard from Amalfi - beautiful scenery from Italy (italiano / english)

Postcard from Cheezieland.Com!!

Postcard from CowTown America

Postcards from Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX

Postcards from McLaren, Formula 1 racing cars

Postcards from the Distelfink

Postcards from the Edge of America

Postcard from the Emirates, United Arabs Emirates

Postcard from the Fifties

Postcards from the Thirteenth Dimension

Postcards from Fire Island, water colors

Postcard from Genealogique

Postcards from Gisborne, New Zealand

Postcards from Hayward, digital postcard

Postcards from the Heart

Postcards from Hell

Postcards from Kentucky

Postcards, Melbourne, Australia

Postcards from the Mountains

Postcard from Nebraska

Postcards from the Net

Postcards from netStop, Melbourne, Australia

Postcards from the Mountain

Postcards from Nightflight

Postcards from Nova Scotia

Postcard from Ohio

Postcards from Ontario

Postcards from Outerspace

Postcard from the Pain Institute

Postcard from the Pacific

Postcard from Pennsylvania

Postcard from Planet Earth

Postcards-Freewords, animals

Postcards Now

Postcard Place, all occasions

Postcards from Plank Road, pictures of dogs.

Postcards from Prison

Postcards from Santorini

Postcards from Space

Postcards from Spring Training

Postcards from Turkey

Postcards from West Virginia - nature

Postcard from Wilkes University

Postcards that lighten things up.


Postcard Deport Greeting Card Mail Room

Poster Express

Postmarked from Hell

Postkarten aus Nuernberg


Postman of Yankeeman - English / Chinese

The Poteidaia Post Office: Xena E-mail Postcards

PowWow's, send a virtual smoke signal

Prarie Postcards

Preview Vacations' Postcards

Pre-Raphaelite Postcards

Pridecards, gay oriented pictures

Primordial Soup Kitchen

Printmaster Publishing

The Printshop LiveMail


Proweb Internet Postcard Service

Propose on the Net!!

Public Broadcasting Service Postcards


Purp Beans E-Cards

Puter Toons Collection

Putnam Berkley, send a card

Pyramid Media Postcards

PythOnline, abuse a friend

PythOnline, Be an Organ Donar, Send a piece of your body



QTI Electronics' Send a Postcard

Quantrill Motorcycle Trading Post

Qubix Animated Productions and Leonardo Internet


Quick Start Postcard from NeoTek



R3 Postcards

Vladimir Rappoport Internet Postcards

Real Estate Seattle

Red Nose Day Activities, Gallery and Postcards, (South African Site)

Redneck Postcards

Reebok Interactive Cards, sports related


Rennie's Postcards


Revier-Online Grubkarten

Rick Dees Digital Postcards

Riffnet Digital Postcards

Rigel 7: Techno music

Riley Dog Postcards, Golden Retriever Postcards

Rimrock Dude Ranch

R.J.W.'s Beanie Hugs

Road Trip America

Rock 'N Road Postcards

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Postcards

Romance Classics

Romeo and Juliet, postcards from the movie

Romp, Stomp, and Roll

Royal Greetings

Royal Tyrrell Museum Electronic Postcards, Pictures of Dinosaurs.(Canada)


Sacred Pools Electronic Postcards

SaigonNet Greeting Card Center

Saimin: Virtual Postcards

Salam, Indonesian Postcard Service

Sailor Moon Virtual Postcards, Spanish/English

Sandra's Postcards

Sassy's World

Savannah Morning News

Saxon Suites Webcards

Say G'day from Western Australia

Schnauzer Ware's Electronic Greeting Card

Schweppes, click on envelope and send poster as a postcard.

Science North Postcards

Scotch Postcards

Sears Portrait Studio Card Gallery

Seeking the Aircooledmind E-Message


Sea World of Texas

Seattle Squares Postcards

Seattle Squares Postcard Gallery

Seed Net Holiday Cards

Send an Alien

Send A Card

Send a Card from the Heart

Send a Card to an EX!!

Send a Cyber Sandwich, Hellman's Mayonnaise

Send an e-Postcard from Austin!Send Electronic Postcard

Send a Greeting

Send a Postcard from Amsterdam//Nijhof & Lee Booksellers

Send a Postcard from Paradise, Hawaii

Send a Postcard from Switzerland

Send a Yucky E-Cards


Seimore's Travel Lounge Post Office

Shaft Cards from Microshaft Corporation

Shakespeare By The Sea

Shambhala Publications, Postcards

Shawna's Virtual Flower Shop

Shiner Bock, send a virtual beer.

Showgee's Bike Trip in the United States

Stephen Shrimp - Mail Service

Shubhechcha: Postcards from Maayboli

SiamNet Postcards - 16 images of beautiful Thailand

SiaNet E Card Center

Sierra Nevada Adventure Co.

Simpson Postcards - 80 images from the cartoon : Simpson family, from Australia


Singapore Infomap Postcard

Singing Telegrams, New Zealand

Sin-wey Mail Office - season greeting

Sketers Postcard Rack

Skicka Vykort, Swedish postcard site.

Skid Row, the band Postcards

Skynet Electronic Postcards

The Slow Drag

SofTec Software Inc. Greeting Cards - multimedia

Someone Sent You Flowers

Soochow University(Asian)

Souhaits Virtuels

The Soul Revival Postcards

Southwest Airlines Fun Pack Vacations' postcard

Soviet Postcards

Space Jam Postcards

Spedisci o Ritira la tua Cartolina Telematica - italian/english with multimedia

Spiv E-cards

Sporting Adventures Post Card

Spotlight on Singapore

Spyder's Empire, an Empire of Greeting Cards

Sri Lanka Virtual Postoffice

The Star Postcard

Star Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX

Starnet Holiday Cards

Starnet Flower Server

Starship Titantic Postcards

Sterba's Virtual Postcards

Stiffware Dispatch - Web greeting cards with a difference, need Shockwave

Stoli Notes

The Street of Shops, Virtual Greeting Cards

Striptease the Movie, send a card

STI's Love Zone

Stryder Communications Postcard Server

SubSpace Greeting -send a free virtual Star Trek Postcard

Sue Bee Honey

Sunday Paper,Digital Cards

Sun Flower Virtual Greeting Card - any occasion

Sun Moments Creations

Sun Valley On Line

Super Football Electronic Greeting Cards

Surprise Net

The Swedish SIDS Parent Association

Sweetness Card & Flower Shop

Swiss Art Postcard

Synergy Communications' Postcard Service


Tabasco, Postoffice

Tabbie's Electronic Postoffice

Tabloid Trash Digital Postcards

Taiwan Puppet Card

Taiwanese Greeting Card

Tamil Pages Greeting Cards NetCARDs

Tarot Postcards

Taste E. Chop Postcards

Taxi E Cards

Taz-Mania Postcards

TBSN E-Card Center, Asian.

TCBY Yog-A-Card

TCNet Grusskartenversand im Internet

Teenie Beanie Babies

Tell the World you Just Moved!

Terengganu Postcards

Texas Postcards

Thai Club

"That Thing You Do", Tom Hanks Movie Postcards

Theodore the Tugboat, a TV series. Send your child a real postcard via mail.

TIBS Electronic Postcards

Tierra Verde Postcard Rack - painting

Tim's Hilarious Postcards

The Titantic - Send a Marconigram

Tizer, free a tizer and send it to your friend.(Shockwave)

TOOBcard, Audio or video cards.

Toonogram, Cartoon Postcards

Top 2 Bottom: Electronic Greeting Cards

Tourism Nanaimo Post Office

TQ-design digitaal postkantoor


Trappers Keep, Digital Postcards

Treadstone Cards

Trek Postcards

Tripod Valentine Generator

Tru Realities Digital Postcards

TTW Greeting Cards - Chinese New Year from Taiwan

Tuoi Hong.Com Virtual Flower Service

Turbulence, The Movie

Turma da Monica - Central de Cartoes, brazil

Tuscany Trading Post

TV Guide Classic Cover Postcards

Twelve Steps

Twenty Tank Brewery

TWOC Christmas Greeting Cards


UCLA Postcards

U2 Kids Postcards

Ujang's Electronic Postcard

Ultimate Frisbee Postcards

The Ultimate Postcard

Ultranets Virtual Postcards and Australiana

UniCards for Every Occasion

UNIconsult Digital Postcards

United Colors of Benetton

The Unique CAPSI Postcards

UIP Movie Email,QuickTime® movie clips for you to send.

UPN 13 Digital Postcard - picture : Baywatch & Startrek

The Urban Cow

USA Greetings

US Robotic Greeting Card - any occasion

Utah! Postcards

UWN Electronic Encouragement Center

UZone, cartoon cards.


Vandemecum Electronic Greeting Card

Valentine Bouquet

Valentines Forever

Vancouver Postcards

Variation on Theme

Vanlink Electronic Postcard Service

Vino's Brewery Postcards

Virtual Voodoo Doll, need Java


VCET Virtual Greeting Card Center

Verschicken Sie eine Digitale Postkarte

Verstuur een Electronische Postcard, From the Netherlands

Verstuur uw hartewens

VGA Postcards

Victorian Art for Mother, use pictures and attach to postcards or email.

Victorian Cat Card Shoppe

View from the Elbowroom - with music

ViperNet Greeting Cards

VisionQuest Digital Postcards

Virginia is for Lovers

Virginia Tech Electronic Postcard

Virtual Bouquets from (888) Live Flowers

Virtual Cape Cod

Virtual Cards

The Virtural Card Shop at Spectropolis

Virtual Chick (post)Car-d,Send a postcard to Some Hot Rockin' Mama.

Virtual Churchill Postcard Gallery

Virtual Cigars, send someone a cigar, new father?

Virtual Dessert

Virtual Dope Slap

Virtual Florist

Virtual Flowers

Virtual Flowers and Gifts

The Virtual Flower Company

Australian Scenes

Virtual Greeting Cards

Virtual Hugs and Kisses

Virtual Jukebox, send a free Musical Note

Virtual Millie's Online, an assortment of delicious Millie's "virtual treats".

Virtual Omlette, from Bon Apettite

Virtual Postcards

Virtual Postcards from Greenwich UK

Virtual Star Trek Postcards - different categories

Virtual Sushi

Virtuelle Postkarte aus dem Salzkammergut

Virtual Presents

Virtual Vacation, Send someone on a vacation or take one yourself.

Virtual Vermont, Internet Magazine

Virtual Watch, new gift idea

Virtual Wells Fargo

Virtual Xpressions

Vivid Greetings

VNZ Greeting Card Center

VOL Mail, Posta Elettronica, need to register.

Volcano, The Movie

Volition's Free Postcards

vom Haus Adkins German Shepherd Dogs Virtual Post Cards

VP Cards

Vpro, Virtual Promotion, Inc. Digital Postcards


Walt's Digital Postcards, life and times of Walt Disney

Warehouse Postcards, Australia

Warner Brothers Postoffice

Washington DC Registry Postcard Center

Wawine - digital postcard featuring related to Wine

Weasel Works Greeting Cards

Web13's Unchewable Postcards

Send a WebbedFx Postcard over the Internet - send a scenic

WebCard Greetings


Web Card Creator

Web Central Station


Web GraFX FX Postcards

Web Link Greeting Card World

Web-Maker.Com Multimedia Postcards, special occasion, holiday, sympathy, baby

Web Star Digital Postcards

Web Workx E-Card Xpress personal cards, business cards and others, 26 images


Webfactor Flower Shop, send some virtual flowers.

WebLink Greeting Card Center

Webseek, A Content-based Image and Video Catalog and Search Tool and Postcard Program

WebVenture E-Card Shoppe

Web Weaver USA - Digital Postcards

Welkom bij de Electronische Wenskaart

WeMailCards Multimedia Greeting Cards - 16 categories with music - cool page

Wicked Moon Digital Postcards, Original pictures

Wild and Crazy Postcard Service

Wildlife Babies

Willa Cards

Dr Williams's Virtual Greeting Cards - any occasion

Willie "the phone prankster"

Wing Nuts Postcard - animated, hockey (Red Wings)

WINTERTHUR, Switzerland

Wise Publishing, Digital Postcards

Wizardry Design Cyber Cards

WJ Greeting Card Service, Asian

Wocky Jivvy Poetry Posts

Wolfgang Woick EDV - Grubkartenversand, Germany

The Woodshed Digital Postcards

World Baseball Electronic Greeting Cards

World Series of Golf Postcards

Worldshop Web Cards

Worldwide Cards

WPTA Virtual Greeting Cards

WRAL Postcard Shop

Tom Wright Postcards

Wynne's Postoffice


Xavier Postcards, variety

Xenon Post Card Gallery


Xpress Yourself

Xpoze Chinese New Years Card Greeting



Yellow Submarine's Internet Greetings Cards

Yellowstone Net Digital Postcards

Yesterday, Boston Red Sox's

Yoak Enterprises

Yule Jol in Iceland Postcards

York Photo Digital Postcards

Yukon, Postcards from the Top of the World


The Zack Files

Tom Vella Zarb, digital postcards

ZAZ WebCard

Zen Me Postcards

Zodiacal Zephyr Card Shop

Zoink's Postoffice

Zooass Wacky Postcards