Esta es una lista de links desde donde podrás mandar postales digitales,

cartas de San Valentín, felicitaciones...

Están colocados por orden alfabético. La mayoría son servidores de lengua inglesa,

pero son muy sencillos de utilizar, en la mayoría sólo hay que escoger una imagen y

rellenar los datos...¡prueba las postales animadas!

(A-L) (M-Z)


123 Greetings

1st Source E-cards

2CRFM Postcard Rack

21st Century Greeting Card, one free card a month

3 D Greeting Cards

5 dogs Postcards, scenes from Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

96X Goes Postal


AAA Cool Spot!!

AAAYA, Ltd( All Alaska And Yukon Adventures, Ltd )

Aardappel groeten, Netherlands

AAST Digital Greetings

A Natural Way's World Wide Web Postcards

ABC Greeting Artist

Aberdeen University Christian Union, digital postcards

Abitare - Send a digital postcard

About Time to Write

About Work Postal Cards

Absolutely Fabulous Card Shop - Mother's Day

@ Card from Venice, Florida, beach scenes, holidays, and other categories

ACI Personal Postcards

Active Dayton Talk Show Postcards

Activegrams E-mail Greetings and Sentiments

Adobe Trading Post,New Mexico

AdOnWeb™'s EnviroCards

Adventure Island, choose Just for Fun

Advertising Source Online, Digital Postcards


African Postcards

AGM Postcards!!!

AirSho Postcards

AJ's Postcard Page

Akiko Electronic Postcard from New Zealand

Akron General Card Shop

Alberta.com, postcards

Alcanseek Postal Center, Alaskan images.

ALCP Postcards

The Alexandra Gallery Postcards

Algonet Digital Postcards

All 4 Love Greetings

All-Yours Internet Solutions, Home of the Digital Postcards

Alliance Studio, create your own custom postcard

@llt Om Hundars Vykort, Swedish

alNadeem e-cards, Saudia Arabia

@loha, Animation & sound for email, free download to attach to your email.

Aloha from Hawaii

The Alpha Blondy Virtual Postoffice, ( African reggae artist)

The Alps Postcards

Ambergris Caye Digital Postcards

Amber's Kountry Cards

American Miniature Horse Association - Send a Virtual Gift Horse - cute

American Photo Syndicate

American Postcards Native and Western

Amstel, The Camera, a unique site, livecam used as postcard

Anacom Communication

The Anet Virtual Mall

Angel Page

Angels on the Net, digital postcards

Angelic Creations

AngelWinks Heavenly Postcards

Angkor Graphic Multimedia Postcards - scenery from Cambodia

Animal Lovers Club

Animated Digital Cards (MIG)


Anne of Green Gable, artwork from the famous novel.

Annie's Saloon and House of Cards

Anonymous love letter

Antique Postcard from Miss Mary - classic postcards

Antique Tractors Resource Page

Aouali's Send an Art

Apislip Book Electronic Postcards

The Apple Scruffs Post Office, Digital postcards

Aouali's Send An Art, draw your own picture and send it as a card.

AquarianAge Digital Postcards

Are you ready to Love? Assumption University

Arizona Earth Vision Postcards

Arizona WebHub Postcards

ArkWork Electronic Postcards

Aeronautics Cyberpostcards - 15 categories, site from NASA

Art à deux, Lteé. A digital greeting from Canada

Artexpo Virtual Postcards

Art & Astrology Greeting Cards - 3 categories (astrology sun signs, flowers and landscapes)

Art for Kids E~Postcards

Arthouse Digital Postcards

ArtPhoto Greeting Card Company - any occasion

ArtyCarters T.T. Postcards

Arwen's X-Files Obsession E-Cards

Asahi Japan Collectibles Electronic Greeting Card Collection

Ashlynn's Grove Pagan Greeting Cards

Ashley's SD Zone

Asia Connect Post Office

Asiatravel Postcards

Asia World Greeting Cards


AT&T's IndiaHorizons Postcards

Atevo Travel E Poststcards

Atlanta Postcards

Auburn Network Virtual Postcards, sports cards from Auburn University

Auckland Tourism, send a postcard from Auckland

AugustaGolf.Com Postcard Server

Aunt Barbara's Postcards

aurora.blue Digital Postcards

Aurora Developments

The Aussie Inch

Aussie's Postcard Service

Auto4world E Cards

Autoshop Canada's Digital Postcard

Autotrend Auto Cards

Av@nart Postcard, music

Avery Kids Sticker Buddies

Awesome Cyber Cards for all ages.

Awesome Greeting Cards for Mom, year round

Axis Magazine Postcards


B Guide, Get your mom online

Badlands Postcards, send missives and missiles

Baermail, German

Bahamas Digital PostOffice - beautiful photos/scenery from Bahamas

Barry's Digital Postcards

Bates b-mail

BC Yellow Pages - Birthday Card, Create a special Birthday card.

Be Thoughtful Card Shop

Nathan Beach Interactive Send-a-Cowboy

BeachMarks Card Shop

Beanie Mania Beanie Hugs

Bear Island, Send a CyBeargram

Bear Mail, English and German

Bear St. eCards, send a teddybear

Beatles Postcards, Send a genuine Beatles postcard

Beautiful Women

The Belize Digital Postcard

Belle Cards

Benidom Web Postcards - scenery - Spain

Best Flowers, more than flowers, it has a great assortment of cards and a new Java card that is fun to design.

Beverly Hills Electric Postoffice

Beware of Cats

Bielstar Postcards

Big Buck Brewery, send a virtual beer

Big Kahoona Postcards

Big Pond Valentine's Day Cards

Bikini.Com, send a bikinigram

BikNet Multimedia PostOffice

Billy Bear's Postcard, Holiday cards you can color and email, any occasion.

Birding - from the Mining Co.

Birmingham, MI Digital Postcards

Birth Announcements & Multimedia Postcards - 4 categories

Bishop Museum - Electric Postcards Branch Office - Honolulu, HI

Bismarck boxer dog postcard

Biz Shoppe Virtual Gift Mall - flowers, greeting cards, balloon

BlaCards, eclectic pictures

BlackDog's Multimedia Postcards - variety-music

BlairLake Postcards

Blue Bunny Postcard

Blue Mountain Arts, Animated Greeting Card Center

Boboli Pizza's, send one

Bolomedia Greeting Cards, must have Shockwave to view cards.

Bombshell Postcards, Pictures of old movie stars, even Betty Boop

Bonanza's Digital Cards

Bonbons Away, from epicurious, send a box of virtual bonbons.

Bonnie's Box

BonoGram Electronic Postcard from the Cyber Cathouse

Boomtown City E Cards

Bouloussa's CyberSpace Postcards

The Bowling Zone Postcard

Boxster Postcards, by Porsche

BoxTop Mint, save a tree

The BoxerWorld Postoffice

Branson-Online Internet Postcards!

Braxton Ponder-Graphic Design

Brazil, LeaderShopping - Quiosque 3

BreakupGirl.com Pity Postcard

Brookside Orchid

Bruin Net Postcards

Bubbles Digital Postcards

Budweiser On-Line Postcards

Buddy's Experimental Virtual Postcard Program

Build A Card

Bunker Shot Postcards

Bureau of Business Practice's Electric Postcards

Bury a Virtual Treasure, Have fun with your email, bury it!

Byte-size Greetings


C3NTRIS Multimedia Postcards

C-ya Relationshop Closure Cards

Cafe Passengen: Vykort - Swedish

Calabria On Line, Scenery

Calabria On Line, Xmas Cards

Calgary Convention Center Postcards

Callaway E Cards, a winery

Canada Greeting Cards Online

Canal #México en DalNet, Digital Postcards

Canary Island's Brewing Company, Postales

Candle Friends Postcards

Candy Store, e mail attachments.

Candygram, pictures of candy

Cañon de la Huasteca (New Mexico)

Capsi Postcards

Card Club

Card Corner, all occasions

Card Studio

The Cardmaster

The Cardshop at Quakerparrots

Card Web

Cards.co.za, from South Africa

Car Talk Postcard Center


Cartoes Rio, Portugese

Cascoly Clipart Postcards - digital postcard with its own images

Casio Postcard Gallery

Cathay Pacific Postcards - cool animation images, unique

CCC Net Free Postcard Service

CDX Acermall

Cedro Postcards, sports theme

Cgi City Digital Greeting Cards

Cgreeting's, animated cards

Channel X, Send @ Card

Cheezieland.com Postcards, this is the site for cheezeheads, Green Bay Packers

The Chesapeake Postcard Angler - beautiful photos

Chicago, Pride 97 Internet Greeting Cards

Chinese Cyber City Postcards

CHPI Quickly Card Sending Service

Le Chateau De Cartes Postcards, English and French

Chines New Years, beautiful page


Cinema Q

Ciociaria Postcards

Citicom Postcard Generator - variety, any occasion

CK&M WebCards - valentine & natures

CJ's Specialities Free Christian E-Cards

Class VI River Runners Postcard - sport

Classicals Great Thoughts Greeting Cards

Clean Nova Scotia Foundation, Enviro-Cards


Cloud Nine Interactive

Club Med E cards


Coca-Cola Postcards

Cognita E Cards

The Colours of Iceland Postcards

Columbia Cheer Card

Commerce Asia Electronic Greeting Cards

CompuSystem Online Greetings

The Computer Museum Networks, electric postcards

Conk Cards

Connections Christian Counselling's Post Office

Coolasia Online - Cool Asia scenery


Corvette Postcards Online

Country Cottage Gift Store, Digital Postcards

Cow Cards, Color your own cow card and send.

CowTown America, pictures of cattle ranching.

Crafts Across America

Crashsite, Choose an image, a song, type a message, and fire away.

Crooked I Postoffice

Crushed Card Company, need Shockwave for this site

The Crystal Cavern, send virtual crystal to a friend.

Cuervo Gold

Cultural Scribbles Worldly Cards

Cyber Beach Electric Postoffice

Cyber Cards by Wizardry Design

Cyber Card ThingA-Ma-Bobs

CyberCards,Virtual Greeting, Free card a week.


Cyber Glamour, Send a virtual date.

Cyber Greetings

Cyperkort Cybercards

Cyber Mess, 'Takes the drudgery out of sincerity'

Cyber-NeoTek. Corp, Write a Card, they also sell the software for World Wide Cards.

Cyber Nav Virtual Postcards

The Cyber Postcard Gallery

actresses, actors, landscapes, holidays, art and f. models)

Cyber Tribe, Cleveland Indians Postcards

Cybersandwich, send a friend a cybersandwich.

Cyberspace Mall, send a valentine


Cy-City Internet Postcards

The Cyrano Server

Czech Recipes, send a Czech recipe to your friends


D Cards (Disney), different categories, cartoon type cards

DKAT Postcards, all occassions

D~Net Greeting Card Center

DaDane Virtual Postcards, Great Dane and friends.

Daily Diversions

Dana's Designs - Virtual Postcards, misc. cards

Jack Daniels Distillery, Lynchberg, TN

Data Internet Virtual PostOffice - variety, with multimedia, many occasion, cute

Data Quick Postcards

Deaf World

Dear Valentine

Debbie's Greetings from the Heart

Debby's Cartoon Postcards from Nova Scotia

Decipher, Inc.

Delaware Valley's Postcards

Desi Web Postcards - scenery & add your own images

Destination: Nova Scotia

Diddl, cartoon characters

Diet Pepsi Postcards, assorted

The Digital Aviation Postcards

Digital Cybercard

Digitale Postkaart

digitalNation, create a card

Dijonnaise Postcard Page, send a special recipe to a friend.

DIVA postcards

Dixie Rose JayCards

DJ Booth Dedication Page


Dog Day Afternoon Postcards


Dolack Virtual Gallery Notecards, cute cards

Dolimiti Ski Cards

Don's BOSS ! Page, Postcard Central

Doughmail, Pillsbury Doughboy

DreamCather Postcards - Steve Mc Queen pictures and other personalities and movies

DRealm Of DSpirit Postcards

Duke University Primate Center

Dumpster Diver

Durand School Postcard Rack, images created by kids

Durban Experience

Dylma's Reference Room


E Atlas of Siskiyou County

Eastnet Greeting Cards



eCards, Hong Kong

E Cards at Alhmeds

E-Cards, World Wildlife Fund

E City, send an E Postcard

Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board

E-Flower - any occasion

EGC, Electronic Greeting Card

E-Kissing booth, Send someone a kiss.

E Music Box, send a virtual music box

Electronic Greetings in Hebrew, (Isreal)

Electric Postcards, Syracuse Online Branch

Electronic Antique Postcard

Electronic Greeting Cards

Electronic Marty Cards

Electronic Postcards from Negril - Jamaica

De Electronische Postcard

Electronix Postcard

Eliki Fantasy Cards

Elvis Slept Here, Postcards

Emphasis, Send a card

E Net Internet Connections, E Cards (Brazil)


Epicurus Online

ePostcards, scenery from around the world.

E-Society Virtual Cards

Eskimo Joe's Postoffice

Eureka Postcards

Eureka Springs, Arkansas Postcards

Euroserve Online Valentine Cards

Everglades Area Chamber of Commerce, digital postcards.

Evil Gram, send a card to someone you hate!

Evil Hex. send someone an evil hex.

Expression (Chinese)

ExtraordinAir Art, Inc. Postcard Central Station

Eye on Iceland, Postcard Centre


Fat Cat Cafe, Digital Postcards

FEDU Greeting Cards

Ferrari Postcards

Ferrets.net digital postcards

FindLink.com Postcards

Firecards from California, if you like fires you will like this site.

Firehouse Digital Postcards

Fisher Price Virtual Greetings

Flash Cards

Flirt Postcards

Flower Sender

Forever Yours Musical Greeting Cards


Fluxus Postcards

Focus Asia

Fox Postcards

Frank and Ernest Greeting Cards

Frank- E- Mail

Free Animated Birthday Cards

Free Postcard Service

Freescripts Postcards

Free Virtual Postcards

Freeway Enterprises Greeting Cards




The Peter Gabriel Postcard Server

Gallen-Kallela Museon Postikortti

Gallerie deLuxxe Futurist Postcards

The Game, electronic postcards featuring your favorite characters from The Game

Game-Land's Cartoon Greeting Cards

Gargoyle Postcards

Garfield Postcards

Gatorcards, Gainsville, FL

G'day Australia

Genealogique DeFord / Dufort Genealogy & Family History

Geo Greeting Cards

GESTURES, The Frog Series.

Gibson Cards

The Gift Horse Digital Postcards Service

Glenn Powers' B&W Photo Postcards

The Globe Postcards

Global Free Postcards

Glorious Creations Card Shoppe - different categories for all occasions & holidays

Goat Postcards


GO Greetings

Go Play Postcards

Goosebumps, send a Boo-Gram

Gore Fabrics Post Office

GPU Kids Greeting Card

The Graphic Gallery 's Postcard Service

Grandmother Spider's Spirit Web

Great Bikini Postcard Place - with music

GreeThings Electronic Cartoon Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Greek Card Shop

GREETNET Online Card Service 20 categories for many occasions and holidays

Greeting Cards, you build your own at this site.

Greeting Cards Central

Greetings from Bakkeveen

Greetings from Camelot

Greeting from Missouri(The Lake of Ozarks)

Guinness Webcards

Gund Greetings

Gunfighter Greeting


Halo Postcards

Hammy Hamster Cards

Handsome Hunks

Haneen, Send a Card

Harbor Springs MI, Virtual Postoffice

Hatchool! Digital Cards

Harvey Entertainment Co., send a cartoon card.

HawleyNet,Send a postcard from Canada's National Capital Region

Haynet Marketing, you'll find the cards under the heading of MIX.

Healself Holistic Greeting Cards

HeavenlyOnes Pre-Raphaelite Postcards

Heidi's Postcards

Helicopter Postcards

The Highway Cardshop, assortments

Hit the Beach

High Sonoran Adventures Postcards

Hitchhiker Electronic Greeting Card Service

HK Net iCards

Holy Cards on the Internet, Catholic Church

Holy Name Hospital's Electronic Get Well Card

Home & Family Virtual Bouquets

HomeArts, Postcards from the Web

The Honeymooners

Hong Kong SuperStars

Hot Wheels Postcards

Hotel zur Burgruine - Postkarte senden

House of Cards

Hunting Trail Electronic Postcards


iCards, assorted graphics and themes

icanect Card Central

ICQ Swiss Postcard

IDC Postcard Shop

i-Depth Postcards

iFlowers, send someone some virtual flowers

iFlowers Digital Postcards

Illawarra Postcards, a very nice site

I Love India

India Express Greetings

India Horizons Cybercards

IndiaPlus CardPlus


Inn on the Lake, Nova Scotia

Interflora E Flowers

Internet Flora,send ascii flowers

Internet Dive Club Postcards

Internet Postcards for Women

The Internote

InTouch E-Cards, Arab & Egyptian

Invisible Fencing Pet Central Mailroom


IRDU's Digital Greeting Card Centre

Irish Postcards

9 various images from Ireland

Irish Sports Report E-Cards

Islands, the Hauraki Gulf website in Aotearoa/New Zealand

The Israel Experience Post Office - 9 photos

Istanbul Guide,Sevdiklerinize Bayram Kartpostali Gonderin.

ITfx Greeting Cards


Janet Jackson Cards

Jerry Maguire,Send Romantic Email Postcards

JE§U§ ®UL§

Jolly Rancher Postcard Rack

Jumbo Postcard Service - over 200 images in different categories

Just So Postcards, Literary email postcards.


Kama Sutra,Send your sweetheart a note.


Kate's Place

Kellogg E-cards

Kentucky Postcards

Ker-Chunk Postcards

Kewanee Assembly of God Postcards

Kid-Kards! Postcards

Kid Soft Postcards



Kimon O'Gram


Kitchen & Bath Theater of Design

Kitty Cards

K & K , etc Webcards, different occasions

KLM Greeting Service

KMMC Multimedia Greeting Cards

KONAWEB - Send a postcard from Kona Hawaii

Kotel Postcard, Send a prayer from Jerusalem

KODAK, Picture This

Kosti's E-Postcards

Kountry Kards Electronic Postcards

KPLR-TV St. Louis II Postcards


L. A. Live

La Girafe Timbree

Lady C's Desk

ladydi's card shop

Lake Chelan Postcard Rack (music)

Land of Fnusa's, Digital Postcards

Lanka Cyber Post

@Lantis, The E-Mail Card Shop

Leanin Tree

LBI & Ocean County Online, New Jersey

Leeds Postcards

This is the Incredible Leningrad Cowboys SiberCard Server

Lexington Furniture Industry

Lighthouse Postoffice

Lisa's Digital Postcards, a nice selection of pictures of old postcards.

Li'l Demon's Card Selection Rack

Line One Virtual Postcards

Little Africa

Little Wing Digital Postcards

Link Serve USA Greeting Card Center

The Lion King

Lizard Lovers Postcards

Loeki Hoek

Love at First Site, Chinese

Love Cards

www.Love.com Post cards

Love Life Radio's Postcards from Paradise

Love, Yahoo Style

Lovvahuggasnugglsoppy hugorama form, in other words send a huggle

Luke's Digital Postcards